Custom designs

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imageThank You Linda and Brad for working with my family and I to create a beautiful, unique and very meaningful monument to honor my husband!
We are so pleased with the kind attention you gave to EVERY detail – plus a “surprise” special installation!
May God continue to bless you in your work – which is truly a ministry to all those you serve! This company truly demonstrates a high standard of workmanship and exceptional customer care!  I would highly recommend Lincoln Granite!  Mary Jane Schmid, New Baltimore. 

Thank you, Mary Jane, for your kind words to our staff.  It was a pleasure working with you and your family.  Every detail of a monument is important to the final result.  We are aware that this anchor is an important and meaningful symbol of your faith and hope.  The custom artwork that we did on the rest of the monument included items of faith and we are pleased how they all worked together to create a beautiful display of memories for your family.  Most companies these days, do not offer custom work but rather a limited offer of artwork. By providing artwork that has meaning and purpose to the memorial, our company is able to create many more options, sometimes without any added expense.  We are happy that you checked us out!