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My name is Deborah Hasson. I am the second of two daughters of the late Dale B. Catey. I am e-mailing you today because I was able to go to Clinton Grove Cemetery with my Mom (Charlene E. Catey) over the weekend, and had to tell you what a beautiful job you have done. My parents headstone looks wonderful – the lettering, the doves, the spacing, the material, the vase – everything! The Wabash train plaque was so perfect, so Dad – it touched me so much it brought tears to my eyes and I got choked up. The Celtic crosses ♣ on the back of my Grandma’s headstone (and the back of what will be my Mom’s) were perfect. And Mom said you also cleaned my Grandma’s stone and my Aunt’s future stone, and you could really tell. How professional and yet also kind of you. Even the Catey markers were perfect.

What you have provided our family is so much more than a business service. I will be forever grateful to you for the care and quality you have provided. My Mom has had such a difficult time since losing my Dad, and along the way has been torn about the details she wanted. She wanted to honor his memory and was so fearful that she might decide something wrong or regret a detail later, but I can tell you there is NOTHING wrong with her decisions on the headstone. As I said – PERFECT. And she mentioned how patient you have been with her throughout the process and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

It hadn’t felt quite right at my Dad’s grave before, and now I see it as a place I want to visit more often to remember him. Thank you so much. God bless you.