Buy direct — granite markers

Posted by Linda

image                                                          I sincerely appreciate the quality of service and the manner in which you treated my purchase of a head stone.

I recently prepaid all of my funeral arrangements through a local funeral home. Because the arrangements did not include burial costs, I obtained several estimates from cemeteries and all of them were far above what I wanted to spend. Before committing to a cemetery provided head stone, I walked into your show room to get a better idea of what your costs are. Both of you fully understood my concerns. Your knowledge and expertise were impressive and by the end of my visit, you had designed a stone, and outlined the total costs for delivery and installation.

After seeing the final product, I am so grateful that I decided to have you produce the stone. Not only was it what I wanted, but it was almost $500.00 less than the estimate received from the cemetery.

Making final funeral arrangements is not an easy task, but you made the headstone purchase not only bearable, but efficient and fair. I cannot thank you enough for your time, effort and professional assistance.

Sincerely yours.

Patrick W. McLogan