John Chaplin

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There will come a time in everyone’s lives that they will need the services of a monument company, my hope for you when that time comes, is that you have the good fortune to meet Brad and Linda at Lincoln Granite. My family’s experience working with Lincoln Granite could not have been better.

Working with Brad and Linda, we were able to turn our ideas into designs, and those designs into a monument that we loved, and that was reasonable for our budget. We had a completely custom (European style) stone made, and decorated with hand drawn artwork that my Mother had created. Brad was able to convert her drawings into a permanent engraving on the stone that perfectly matched her original artwork. Whether we provided the designs, or Brad created the artwork from our ideas, it all came out beautifully.

We took a long time deciding on the details of the stone and were grateful that Brad and Linda were there for advice and input, we never felt rushed or coerced to make a decision, they worked with us for months to get all the details just right. In the end, we ended up with exactly the memorial we wanted. The best decision we made in the entire process was to use Lincoln Granite. Many thanks to Brad, Linda, and all the staff that worked so hard to make our monument perfect.