Judith Kreger

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My mom and I went to Lincoln Granite w/ an idea of what she wanted. However when we got there we found so much more to choose from. We didn’t know that we could have my parents and their parents farm engraved on the stone. I took in a picture and they later showed us what they came up with. It was absolutely beautiful and brought many tears to my eyes. What a wonderful way to honor our parents whose living was at this farm! The finished stone again took my breath away. I am so glad Linda brought all this to our attention instead of just what we thought we wanted. A year later mom passed away and at the funeral so many people looked at the stone and it brought back so many memories for our family. Many people have since visited the grave site and all are as much in awe as we were to see our parents living being honored on this stone. This will be here for years to come for our future family members to see just where their heritage lies. It is an awesome thought. Thanks Lincoln Granite for making this possible.

Family of Joa and Beatrice Penzien