Add-On Photos

Lincoln Granite’s remembrance items are a nice way to remember someone special.

Colored Ceramics

 Photo Addons

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Ceramic photos come in many sizes and shapes; oval, rectangular, heart and circular. The background from your photo can be removed or left just as is, whichever you prefer. A clear photo is best; if the photo is blurry it will appear that way on your memorial. However, enhancements of your photo are available for minimal charges. Note: Resurrection and Lincoln Memorial Cemetery do not accept photo attachments of any kind. Please call our office and we will advise you which cemetery allows attached photos.

Colored Ceramic Shapes…

Aluminum Etched Photos

Photo Addons Photo Addons

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Aluminum Etched Photos are beautiful for any color stone. They come in many sizes and shapes. Instead of a photo, you can have your favorite poem, letter, or Bible verse added to the stone.

Note: Lincoln Memorial or Resurrection Cemetery does not allow attachments on their memorials. Please call us and we can verify if your Cemetery allows stainless steel photos.

Pet Memorial Photos

Photo Addons

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The loss of our beloved pets can be very difficult. Most people aren’t sure what to do. We have a number of options for remembering our pets. Please call us for more information and we’d be glad to talk to you.

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