Starting your Brick Paving Fundraiser

Posted by Linda

Are you wondering where to begin…

A brick engraving fundraiser is an easy and personable way to create a connection between the donor and the fundraising organization. A few key elements to first think of is; how big your space is and which pavers will best fill that space.  Somethinglincoln granite to consider when choosing your pavers is offering different sizes. People who are able to will usually donate more money for a larger brick, when it is available. Call or come in and we can help you look through what works best for your fundraiser.  Once you have all of this your are ready to start! 

A few good ways to keep your cost low is to employ a local printing shop by offering a brick with their company name for printing your fliers.  Newspapers are always looking for a good story to publish. So contact your local paper and tell them your story or the purpose of your fundraiser. Another avenue is to create a Facebook event to create awareness.  We hope this helps and look forward to helping you fulfill your brick paving fundraising needs.