Quarry to Monument

Raw Granite to Finished Product

Quarry to MonumentGranite is composed of quartz, feldspar and mica. These natural elements were formed from the deposits of molten lava. Granite rock formations of varying colors have been discovered throughout the world. Huge blocks of granite are extracted from the earth by means of drilling, blasting and sawing. The blocks are then sent to a factory where automated equipment cut and polish the stone.

Design and Lettering

Quarry to MonumentThe process of creating a granite memorial starts with a piece of granite that has already been cut to the specified size with a polished finish. Designs and lettering are then cut into a sheet of rubber, attached to the stone with adhesive and sandblasted with abrasives blown by air pressure. The result is a beautiful design carved in the stone.

Sandblasting and Lithochroming the Stone

Quarry to MonumentSandblasting rooms are where this high air pressure and abrasive carve out the design and lettering. The area of the granite headstone covered by the stencil is well protected. After sandblasting, the carved areas may be colored with black or white commercial Lithochrome coloring or left in its natural state.

Quarry to Monument

Please take the opportunity to review the granite color samples that we offer to help you in your selection. Since each cemetery has different regulations we will help you understand what these are before making your choice.

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