Marie Kuchenmeister

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Ten years ago, my father passed away rather suddenly at the age of 43. While I was living out of the house, circumstances for my mother and brothers were less than ideal. The cost of a stone was too much. We put it off, visiting each year as a family at Fathers Day and Halloween, the anniversary of his death. Our family grew and stability returned. We went back to Lincoln Granite and chose a stone almost identical to the one we had picked out 10 years before. The 4 week mark (deadline of the stone) was almost to the day Dad’s 10 year anniversary, so we requested that it get put in by that date. It was a stretch, but Linda and your team got it to the cemetary in plenty of time. It is a beautiful monument to my dad, and we are happy to finally have it there for him. Thank you so much for all you help and understanding through this process!