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Quality Memorials

The weather outside may be frightful with temperatures in the low teens but we are still busy here in Macomb County! We are working hard ... More

Brick engraving

Every year we get orders for engraving bricks.  This process of sandblasting a customer's bricks has many steps.  First, if you are a new customer, ... More

Rustic bench shape

We recently delivered this new rustic shaped bench to Lake Orion to our customer's backyard.  It was not engraved but placed there for a peaceful, ... More

Limestone engraving

Builders come to our company for engraving of limestone address stones, boulders and signage.  This is one example of a larger 5' piece just completed ... More

Stay in the vase floral bouquets

This new product you have to see to appreciate the vibrant color and beauty of.  Shown are the medium size silk floral bouquets but they ... More

Boulder with metal plate

We were recently asked to help with a project that is working to clean up several communities in the Detroit area.  This plaque was the ... More

Do I have to buy from the cemetery?

Are we required to purchase from the cemetery? The answer is no!  They will still maintain the property even if you don't. Here are the ... More

Inspirational message

“We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turn, ... More

Where is customer service?

We have all noticed the lack of customer service these days!  From all aspects it appears to have almost disappeared.  Are customers able to see ... More

Repairs ongoing

We have been called upon to help with some cemetery repairs and veteran bench replacements.  This work is ongoing with the Richmond Cemetery and quite ... More

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