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Limestone engraving

Builders come to our company for engraving of limestone address stones, boulders and signage.  This is one example of a larger 5' piece just completed ... More

Inspirational message

“We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turn, ... More

Our boom truck at work!

We were recently requested by the Saint Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church, Detroit, to relocate their old sign on another site of their property.  It was ... More

Yes, we engrave boulders!

More and more people are wanting a unique gift item to display in their yard or honor a loved one in a golf course or ... More

We engrave signs, too!

This is an example of different types of signs that we create.  Lettering can be done on granite, limestone, or any rock surface.   More