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Granite selection

We have some granite marker colors that we are closing out.  Stop by to see the choices and great clearance pricing!  Once they are gone, ... More

See the difference!

Ever get disappointed or frustrated with the high cost of funerals?  Every day we hear from people upset about how much it costs to bury ... More

Granite pricing

When it comes to choosing a monument for your family, it is best to check other places than just stopping at the cemetery.  Our business ... More

Granite selection

We offer many granite colors to choose from.   See our website to view the different colors available for markers, monuments or bevels.  Our inside showroom also ... More

Companion headstones-colors

Blue Pearl is one of our favorite granite colors.  It is cut from the side of a mountain in Norway.  This is one of the ... More

Just delivered to Oakwood Cemetery

This granite monument is a custom design.  It represents different memories of a daughter's life.  Made of Evergreen granite with hand sculpted hands in the ... More

Just Arrived!!!

This stunning, one of a kind, monument will definitely insure your loved one is not forgotten. This two toned stone sits on a double base. It was originally ... More

Companion flush markers

A companion flush marker is designed for two graves that require a flush to the ground stone.  Sacred Heart Cemetery and Glen Eden are cemeteries ... More

Granite in America

There are very few products that we can say are 100% American made, but granite isn't one of them.  Granite monuments are one of the ever ... More

Remember Memorial Day and our fallen heroes

In honor of Memorial Day,  Lincoln Granite will be closed on Monday, May 28th. More

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