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Buyer Beware!

There are alot of companies that are popping up online these days.  The President of Monument Builders of North America, of which we are a ... More

Buying from other companies online…beware!

We understand that most of our customers shop online.  However, when it comes to choosing a monument or marker for your family, it is best ... More

Can I order the bronze plaque by itself?

Yes, you can order only a bronze memorial plaque if you would like.  Be sure to check with your cemetery though as some require it ... More

Q and A

Can you make a headstone in another language? The answer is yes.  We are able to provide you with a headstone in a language that you or ... More

How long will it take to deliver my headstone?

It depends on the time of year... More

Who will install the headstone?

This depends on the cemetery.  Most of the cemeteries in our area require their staff to install your headstone.  They will normally charge a foundation ... More

What is the bronze content of bronze headstones?

There are four key elements that make up bronze. More

Before you purchase…

 Do you know if you need granite or bronze? More

Macomb County Chamber members

We are proud to be a member of the Macomb County Chamber... More

How Do I Get Started On A Brick Paving Project?

We get this question quite frequently.  Let us help you with your fundraising project.  It really is very simple.  If you are looking to raise ... More

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