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Cemetery candles available

The tradition of lighting candles at the cemetery has been observed since the early days and continues to this day.  Jesus said: "I am the ... More

Where is customer service?

We have all noticed the lack of customer service these days!  From all aspects it appears to have almost disappeared.  Are customers able to see ... More

Granite selection

We have some granite marker colors that we are closing out.  Stop by to see the choices and great clearance pricing!  Once they are gone, ... More

Coping with a holiday after a loss

For some, this will be the first holiday they "celebrate" without a family member, including us. Since many of our holiday traditions are centered around ... More

Our boom truck at work!

We were recently requested by the Saint Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church, Detroit, to relocate their old sign on another site of their property.  It was ... More

Granite pricing

When it comes to choosing a monument for your family, it is best to check other places than just stopping at the cemetery.  Our business ... More




We see it everyday...texting while driving.  Now recent laws of fines are being imposed on teens caught texting.  However, adults are also doing this in ... More

Remembrance photo options

One option for adding a photo to a stone is the remembrance photo.  It is a durable and less expensive option than the colored ceramic. ... More

Monument Builders of North America members

The International association called Monument Builders of North America (MBNA) is the organization that we and other professional memorialists belong to.  As part of the ... More

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