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Planning ahead

 No one likes to think about his or her own death, but failing to consider this makes it much more difficult on the family in ... More

Companion headstones-colors

Blue Pearl is one of our favorite granite colors.  It is cut from the side of a mountain in Norway.  This is one of the ... More

Companion flush markers

A companion flush marker is designed for two graves that require a flush to the ground stone.  Sacred Heart Cemetery and Glen Eden are cemeteries ... More

Who will add the death date?

We are able to provide on site engraving. The final date engraving is considered future lettering or engraving and therefore has not been paid for ... More

How long will it take to deliver my headstone?

It depends on the time of year... More

Together Forever…

A double internment marker is just what you need. More

Honor your departed pet with a pet memorial stone

Here is a beautiful way to honor your dearly departed companion.... More