Buying from other companies online…beware!

Posted by Linda

We understand that most of our customers shop online.  However, when it comes to choosing a monument or marker for your family, it is best to deal directly with a local monument dealer.  What most people do not know is that the rules and regulations of the cemetery have to be followed precisely.  Unfortunately, most of the online advertisers are just mass producing markers.  They do not check the regulations and make the customer responsible for the information.  Just today, I have heard about a customer who purchased a custom monument from out of state and after several revisions to the details, they have discovered that they actually have to find a company who will now set and install the stone.  So, instead of trying to save money, they are actually paying quite a bit more.  Customers who shop online must take the time to find out all the details before purchasing.  If it is that much work, why not visit a monument company locally who does know the rules? When it comes to purchasing from out of state companies, if the stone doesn’t meet the regulations, it will be refused and sent back at your expense.  Too many people are paying the price.