Laser images & ceramics on headstones

Posted By Linda | November 7th, 2015
Frequently we get the request for laser portraits, ceramics or images on headstones and monuments.  There is quite a difference in the quality of the finished product due to the quality of the photo...

Candles and holders

Posted By Linda | September 14th, 2015
It is a very common practice for people to go to a grave site to light a candle and pray. We have only a few of these left that come on a rod to insert into the ground. Available in blue liner and red...

Inspirational message

Posted By Linda | February 10th, 2015
“We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turn, then to go forward does not get you any nearer. If you are on the wrong...

Where is customer service?

Posted By Linda | November 1st, 2014
We have all noticed the lack of customer service these days!  From all aspects it appears to have almost disappeared.  Are customers able to see a friendly smile and receive courteous and gracious help...

Cremation urns are available!

Posted By Linda | August 9th, 2014
Looking for an adult or pet cremation urn?  Check out our inventory.  We have a wide selection already in stock in our office.  Much less than purchasing at a funeral home since  you are buying direct....

Repairs ongoing

Posted By Linda | June 20th, 2014
We have been called upon to help with some cemetery repairs and veteran bench replacements.  This work is ongoing with the Richmond Cemetery and quite a bit of work is being done to improve existing stones...

Indoor display

Posted By Linda | May 17th, 2014
We have a large selection of granite colors in stock to choose from.  Our indoor and outdoor displays show the different options for finish as well as various design choices.  With all this rain, it...

Granite headstones for less

Posted By Linda | February 19th, 2014
Buy Direct and Save is more than just a slogan.  It is our goal for helping the consumer spend less.  Take the time to stop in and check our prices against the prices from the cemetery and funeral home. ...

Cemetery Benches

Posted By Linda | February 15th, 2014
There are many options available when it comes to benches.  Depending on whether you need a one grave or two, we offer curved legs such as this and personalized engraving.  This customer brought us his...

Granite selection

Posted By Linda | January 28th, 2014
We have some granite marker colors that we are closing out.  Stop by to see the choices and great clearance pricing!  Once they are gone, they will not be offered again!  
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