Before you purchase…

Posted by Linda

 Do you know if you need granite or bronze?

It is important that you know that a cemetery has specific rules and regulations before you buy your headstone. All cemeteries regulate the headstones that are placed on the graves within their grounds. Cemetery Rules and Regulations outline requirements such as size, material, and type of headstone. They can and will REFUSE any headstone that does not meet their specifications. Most online companies do not check regulations carefully to make sure what IS and ISN’T permitted.  Headstones, grave markers and monuments are often installed some time after the funeral and burial to allow the ground to settle. This allows you to time to consult with both the cemetery and your grave marker supplier. Since there are so many confusing rules for different sections of cemeteries, it makes sense to work with Lincoln Granite.  We work closely with the local cemeteries and know the rules.  This gives you confidence in choosing a memorial that will meet all the specific requirements.