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The weather outside may be frightful with temperatures in the low teens but we are still busy here in Macomb County! We are working hard inside our shop repairing and maintaining the machines and trucks so we are ready when the weather warms up! Our office is also open for those who want to get ahead of the Spring rush of ordering bronze memorials, granite markers and granite monuments so they are completed when the Spring arrives!

Every year we get orders for engraving bricks.  This process of sandblasting a customer’s bricks has many steps.  First, if you are a new customer, you will need to purchase a good quality brick.  We recommend one without pebbles and preferably a concrete brick. Get enough to cover the amount you need and some extra ones. Second, the lettering needs to be supplied to our company in a format that is legible.  Please refer to the amount of characters per line and the lines available on each size brick.  Example:  A 4×8 brick has three lines of text, with a maximum of 14 spaces.  This includes spacing between characters.  We often get a request from a customer that exceeds that because they put two letters in one box or go over the amount thinking that we can just squeeze it in.  The brick only holds so much before it is too close to the edge and then we have breakage.  We have a form on our website to use. Third, once we have received the lettering request, we format a proof for you to review.  This will need to be returned with your approval of spelling and dates and you will be responsible if there is an error that was not caught.  Fourth, once the proof has been approved, you will bring in the bricks ordered plus a few extra in case of breakage in sandblasting.  Fifth, we will notify you when they have been completed and ready for pickup.  The payment is due upon pickup.  If you need to submit the order for payment, please do so at the beginning of the ordering process so that you may pick up the bricks in a timely manner.  There will be no storing of your bricks for another order later in the year.  Please note:  The timing to complete the order for brick engraving will depend on the amount of bricks and time of year.  Our busiest time of the year is the month before Memorial Day.  Please allow extra time if you are requesting bricks done by Memorial day.  Most of our yearly customers bring a batch of bricks in the Spring and then a batch in the Fall.  If you are just starting a brick engraving project or walkway, you will need to contact a landscape architect to design a layout and order the bricks.  A professional installer for the bricks is also recommended. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us by phone.  imageimage

We recently delivered this new rustic shaped bench to Lake Orion to our customer’s backyard.  It was not engraved but placed there for a peaceful, resting area in his yard. 

Surrounded by an angel sculpture and setting on a concrete slab, it is the perfect spot to grieve and find peace and solitude.  image

 No one likes to think about his or her own death, but failing to consider this makes it much more difficult on the family in their time of bereavement. The worst time to make a financial decision is after there has been a death in the family. Grieving has an emotional effect on every family member that is directly involved. We encourage you to plan ahead in this process and not wait until there has been a recent loss, if at all possible. This is one example of a recent order completed where they did just that.  It will be heading to Mt. Avon cemetery in Rochester Hills.  They were able to calmly and thoroughly explain what their wishes and interests were to our staff and choose the designs that personalized it for their life. 


imageBuilders come to our company for engraving of limestone address stones, boulders and signage.  This is one example of a larger 5′ piece just completed and inset into a brick structure at Brightmoor Christian Church in Novi, MI.  The second image shows examples of different fonts that are available for engraving the address blocks typically in limestone but rapidly becoming popular in granite for marking mailboxes also.  image

imageThis new product you have to see to appreciate the vibrant color and beauty of.  Shown are the medium size silk floral bouquets but they also come in small or large sizes.  A unique design of the patented stem allows it to attach to the vase holder so it won’t blow away.  Most cemeteries will allow silk flowers to be placed at the grave or in the vase.  Stop by to see them while we have them in stock! 


The tradition of lighting candles at the cemetery has been observed since the early days and continues to this day.  Jesus said: “I am the Light of the World.”    Lighting of a candle becomes a reflection of that and the prayers that are offered at that time. We have available a variety of colors and styles on a stake that can be placed at the grave.  The candle is made up of beeswax and has a long burn life.


There are many varieties of sculptured angels available for monuments.  This one is a single angel hand carved on both front and back kneeling down over a heart.  We have personalized this angel with a beautiful ceramic colored photo also.  Most cemeteries will allow photos to be added in some form or another.  The ceramic photo is only one of the options.  There are also lasers and metal photos with a silver finish.  All of these options allow the family to personalize the loved one.  image

We were recently asked to help with a project that is working to clean up several communities in the Detroit area.  This plaque was the result and was mounted to a large boulder on site where the activity is happening.  About 10,000 volunteers were on hand to build, remodel, landscape and more to the community.  Our company is proud of the work they are doing on a yearly basis.  image

Are we required to purchase from the cemetery? The answer is no!  They will still maintain the property even if you don’t. Here are the facts:

  1. Every cemetery charges an installation fee which covers  installing the stone or pouring the foundation for a stone.  If it is a monument or a slant on a base, usually the monument dealer does the installation of the stones but not the cement or gravel foundation.
  2. Who maintains the property?  The CEMETERY who is charging tor the fee of the foundation.  Every cemetery has rules and regulations. So the next time you are purchasing a memorial, ask yourself if you can save your family some money and go direct to the local monument dealer and work with them.  image