Monument Cleaning

Care and Cleaning of Your Granite Memorial

Over time all materials exposed to the elements will show the effects of the weathering. Cleaning in the manner described below will help to keep your memorial free from dirt and grime.

When you have sun baked dirt and other natural debris on the stone, follow these steps:

  • Rinse with water. (Use a sudsy solution of water & Greased Lightning annually)
  • Wipe gently with a soft cloth
  • Rinse again to remove all residue

Do not use soap, chemicals, scrub brushes, etc. when cleaning your memorial. The use of soap, chemicals and scrub brushes will adversely affect the look of the stone. In the event you use chemicals or brushes, you will over time dull the face of the stone and remove the black or white Lithochrome stone coloring agent. Lithochrome is a specially developed product consisting of paint and ink. It is the only product approved for use in granite memorials. Waxes and polishes have a petroleum base and will remove the Lithochrome.

We do provide a service of cleaning and restoring the lithochrome lettering on granite memorials. We use safe, professional grade cleaners specifically for this purpose.
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