Alice and William Calloway

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When visiting St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery in Clinton Township several years ago for genealogy purposes, we discovered some family members had no grave-markers, This past spring, 2014, the cemetery keeper suggested for us to use Lincoln Granite because they were close to the cemetery and did great work. I have to say that true to his word not only did Lincoln Granite do great work but are great people to do business with. Our gravestone was completed long-distance, through various phone calls and emails and was perfect. Linda and Brad were very patient as I had to complete research to get the information correct on these forgotten family members. With their help, future generations will know who these people were and their part in our family and nation’s heritage. Our family is very appreciative of all that Linda and Brad did to help us claim our forgotten ancestors from the dust of time.

Sincerely and with blessings,
Alice and William Calloway