Rustic bench shape

Posted By Linda | August 31st, 2017
We recently delivered this new rustic shaped bench to Lake Orion to our customer’s backyard.  It was not engraved but placed there for a peaceful, resting area in his yard.  Surrounded...

Planning ahead

Posted By Linda | April 15th, 2017
 No one likes to think about his or her own death, but failing to consider this makes it much more difficult on the family in their time of bereavement. The worst time to make a financial decision...

Limestone engraving

Posted By Linda | March 1st, 2017
Builders come to our company for engraving of limestone address stones, boulders and signage.  This is one example of a larger 5′ piece just completed and inset into a brick structure at Brightmoor...

Stay in the vase floral bouquets

Posted By Linda | February 25th, 2017
This new product you have to see to appreciate the vibrant color and beauty of.  Shown are the medium size silk floral bouquets but they also come in small or large sizes.  A unique design of...

Cemetery candles available

Posted By Linda | October 28th, 2016
The tradition of lighting candles at the cemetery has been observed since the early days and continues to this day.  Jesus said: “I am the Light of the World.”    Lighting...

Snowton angel

Posted By Linda | October 1st, 2016
There are many varieties of sculptured angels available for monuments.  This one is a single angel hand carved on both front and back kneeling down over a heart.  We have personalized this angel with...

Boulder with metal plate

Posted By Linda | August 17th, 2016
We were recently asked to help with a project that is working to clean up several communities in the Detroit area.  This plaque was the result and was mounted to a large boulder on site where the activity...

Do I have to buy from the cemetery?

Posted By Linda | December 5th, 2015
Are we required to purchase from the cemetery? The answer is no!  They will still maintain the property even if you don’t. Here are the facts: Every cemetery charges an installation fee which...

Laser images & ceramics on headstones

Posted By Linda | November 7th, 2015
Frequently we get the request for laser portraits, ceramics or images on headstones and monuments.  There is quite a difference in the quality of the finished product due to the quality of the photo that...

Candles and holders

Posted By Linda | September 14th, 2015
It is a very common practice for people to go to a grave site to light a candle and pray. We have only a few of these left that come on a rod to insert into the ground. Available in blue liner and red...
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