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Russell monument

Posted By admin | January 23rd, 2018
City: Richmond

Buying a headstone is never an easy task but I have to say the owners and staff at Lincoln Granite guided me through the process and I am 100% happy with the final product. I have nothing but good things to say and would highly recommend their services/products.

Clara Russell 

It was such a pleasure working with you with the help of your friend, Bob.  We are so glad you are happy with the results of all the personalizing on the stone.  Thank you for submitting a photo of the kids also.  This really shows us the rest of the story and to actually see the “Russell sprouts”.  


Barry french curve black monument

Posted By admin | December 6th, 2017
City: Michigan City IN

“Everything went very well. 
Professional staff. ”

Jerry Barry, Indiana

This french curve black granite monument was set up recently at Resurrection cemetery in Clinton twp.  It is a popular shape for our customers.  The order was done primarily through the internet and phone calls since the customer is out of state.  It is what we refer to as a pre-need order since neither one has passed.  In that case, it would be designated as a at-need order.  We are able to design and complete most orders efficiently through phone calls or emails to complete an order since the design idea must be viewed and approved online.  


Custom designs

Posted By admin | November 9th, 2017
City: New Baltimore, MI 48047

Thank You Linda and Brad for working with my family and I to create a beautiful, unique and very meaningful monument to honor my husband!
We are so pleased with the kind attention you gave to EVERY detail – plus a “surprise” special installation!
May God continue to bless you in your work – which is truly a ministry to all those you serve! This company truly demonstrates a high standard of workmanship and exceptional customer care!  I would highly recommend Lincoln Granite!  Mary Jane Schmid, New Baltimore. 

Thank you, Mary Jane, for your kind words to our staff.  It was a pleasure working with you and your family.  Every detail of a monument is important to the final result.  We are aware that this anchor is an important and meaningful symbol of your faith and hope.  The custom artwork that we did on the rest of the monument included items of faith and we are pleased how they all worked together to create a beautiful display of memories for your family.  Most companies these days, do not offer custom work but rather a limited offer of artwork. By providing artwork that has meaning and purpose to the memorial, our company is able to create many more options, sometimes without any added expense.  We are happy that you checked us out!  


Gary Blash headstone

Posted By Linda | October 17th, 2017

Brad and Linda did an amazing job creating the headstone for my husband, Gary Blash.  It is absolutely beautiful.  They are skilled in assisting family members with the difficult decision making process of selecting the desired memorial for a loved one.  With their knowledge and experience, together we designed the perfect grave marker to commemorate Gary.  Thank you for the outstanding work you do for the community. Sincerely, Mary Blash

Thank you for your kind words to our staff!  It was truly our honor to help you with the purchase of a memorial for Gary.  The Bahama blue granite is one of our most popular colors this year and this stone’s unique style really helps it to stand out! 


Blue pearl granite marker

Posted By admin | October 12th, 2017
City: Las Vegas, NV

Excellent customer service and products. Linda and staff made making long distance arrangements stress free at a difficult time, and I sincerely appreciate all they did. Thank you again Linda and Lincoln Granite.

Timothy Ciel, 


Thank you for your kind words of appreciation.  There was a bit of distance between Michigan and Nevada, but we feel we were able to complete the order with ease.  We know that this is not easy to do when you have never met the people in the company you are working with.  Thank you for allowing us to make your loved one’s marker.  Linda



Buy direct — granite markers

Posted By Linda | September 5th, 2017

                                                          I sincerely appreciate the quality of service and the manner in which you treated my purchase of a head stone.

I recently prepaid all of my funeral arrangements through a local funeral home. Because the arrangements did not include burial costs, I obtained several estimates from cemeteries and all of them were far above what I wanted to spend. Before committing to a cemetery provided head stone, I walked into your show room to get a better idea of what your costs are. Both of you fully understood my concerns. Your knowledge and expertise were impressive and by the end of my visit, you had designed a stone, and outlined the total costs for delivery and installation.

After seeing the final product, I am so grateful that I decided to have you produce the stone. Not only was it what I wanted, but it was almost $500.00 less than the estimate received from the cemetery.

Making final funeral arrangements is not an easy task, but you made the headstone purchase not only bearable, but efficient and fair. I cannot thank you enough for your time, effort and professional assistance.

Sincerely yours.

Patrick W. McLogan


Companion bronze memorial, USA

Posted By admin | September 23rd, 2016
City: Algonac


The staff at Lincoln Granite helped to create a beautiful bronze monument/memorial for our parents. They were thoughtful and very considerate. I would recommend Lincoln Granite.

Linda Trombly

Thank you, Linda, for your nice testimonial.  We offer a fair, competitive price for bronze memorials with high quality by our suppliers.  The bronze markers are required at White Chapel cemetery and nearby Cadillac Memorial Gardens.  Numerous designs are offered for the marker with hundreds of emblems available to complete the final personal look.


Granite marker to coordinate with existing

Posted By admin | September 14th, 2016
City: Rochester, MI

Hi Linda – I came to Lincoln Granite to buy the headstone for my mother, Syeda Nishat Akhtar, for her grave at United Memorial Gardens. I worked with Gaetano, who helped me go through the process. I showed him the picture of my father’s headstone and he matched it well. I just wanted to say Gaetano was very professional and cooperative in listening to my requirements. He responded to all my questions and even made suggestions that were useful. Having these observations, I have now introduced Lincoln Granite’s name to my community.

Overall, I’d say it was a very pleasant experience working with Gaetano. My best wishes, and specifically to Gaetano who was the real face to me for Lincoln Granite. Kind regards, Shahzad Syedtestimonialtestimonial


Olski granite marker

Posted By admin | September 13th, 2016
City: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario Canada

testimonialWe are very happy with the service that we received Lincoln Granite.
We live outside of the USA and had to order a gravestone marker via e-mail. We always had a quick turn around time to our concerns, fair price and excellent craftsmanship in their work. We were provided with everything that we needed in order to design our marker. We had an opportunity to speak with Linda’s son-in-law who actually does the work and he was able to answer additional technical questions to our satisfaction.
We have a big family living in Michigan and I will certainly recommend Lincoln Granite to them for future needs.

Thank you to the entire team
Fran Chartrand

It was our pleasure working with you!  Doing everything by email and phone calls wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be.  The one thing that we like to say is that the layout proof that we submit to our customers is the key to understanding what the final product will be.  We are the only company that provides this for over 30 miles.


St. Mary’s New Baltimore Testimonial

Posted By admin | September 13th, 2016
City: Lenox

On behalf of my entire family I would like to thank you for a wonderful job on such an emotional decision. We can’t be happier with the results its absolutely beautiful. Thank you also for your expertise and quickness. We would definitely refer you to everyone.

-Jan Avendt


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